Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Only the Rich Get Richer

The rich get richer simply because you have to have money to make more money. When your income can just cover your initial expenses, then nothing will be left for any additional financial and investment activities, and so, you will remain at the same level forever.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, it is not the matter of the money you make. It is the matter of the money you keep.

How much money do you keep every month?

Is your income enough to give you enough room for some investment and financial activities?

If not, then you have to resolve this problem seriously.

The good news is you can spend some time, energy and some money to start having great sources of income and become rich, and then get richer. None of the rich we know have been rich the first day they started working.

Thanks to the Internet and technology, there are some great options available to those who don't have a lot of money to run a big business or have big investments

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Enter the forex Markets Like a Hero

Professional traders, trade professionally.

What does it mean?

It means they don't enter the markets to make some small
profits to make a living with. They trade to increase their
wealth. Therefore, they already have at least one strong
source of income. This is how professional traders trade and
this is the right way of trading.

To trade professionally, first you have to have a good
source of income. You can't become a good trader, when
you have financial problems or your income is not enough.

We help our students generate at least one good and
strong source of income while they are learning how to
trade. Each of them will have his/her own personal coach
who teaches and supports him/her to generate the source
of income within the shortest possible time, legitimately.

8 Ways currency Exchangers Can Make Their Customers Very Happy

This is the most important factor that makes an exchanger’s customers’ happy. It doesn’t matter whether a customer needs their money now or not. Just pay them instantly when they sell e-currency to you. It’s clear that a customer who gets his money within 15 minutes would be happier than a customer who gets his moneywithin 24 hours or 3 days.
 We’re able to gain more and more customers because we endeavor to process their orders quickly, even when it’s not always convenient for us.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How you can get a PAYEER MasterCard in Nigeria

It’s true that you can’t order PAYEER MasterCard directly using a Nigerian address, but that doesn’t mean PAYEER doesn’t want Nigerians to use their MasterCard. As a Nigerian, living in Nigeria, you can use a PAYEER MasterCard.

First, it’s is good for you to get verified by PAYEER, using a valid proof of address and proof of nationality. PAYEER accepts only travelling passport and government issued plastic National ID card as a proof of nationality.

However, if you don’t need a MasterCard or if you don’t need to withdraw PAYEER directly to your domiciliary bank account in Nigeria, there’s no need to get verified (which PAYEER also calls “personalization’). Without verification, you can open a PAYEER account and start sending/receiving money right away – without limits.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

10 reasons why you need to open a PAYEER account now

 Hello Traders:

These are the 10 reasons why you need to open a PAYEER account now.


1.      PAYEER can be used in over 200 countries, including Nigeria, of course.

2.      PAYEER offers good customer support through ticket systems.

3.      PAYEER does not discriminate against Nigerians. All their services and tools are available to Nigerians.

4.      You can open a PAYEER account right now and start using it to send or receive PAYEER in US dollars, Euros or Rubles (with no limits).

5.      PAYEER has offices in Scotland, Georgia and Moscow. They are regulated by National Bank of Georgia.

6.      PAYEER allows you to use your account for business (including exchange). You can even choose to personalize your account as a business account, provided you have the relevant documents to show for that.

7.      PAYEER offers various forms of funding and withdrawal.

8.      When your account is personalized/verified, you can also deposit and withdraw using SWIFT.

9.      PAYEER alexa ranking (online traffic) is higher than that of Neteller, or even Perfect Money.

10.  You can apply for PAYEER MasterCard and use it for local and international withdrawals through ATMs.

To open a PAYEER account and/or get familiar with their services, please visit:

To Buy or Sell PAYEER, please visit:

Your Biggest Enemy

You are your biggest enemy because you are the only
one who can stop yourself. People who are around,
your boss, friends, lovers and haters, even your
financial situation... can't prevent you from doing what
you are serious about doing it, nor can they push you
to build a better life when you don't want to.

You are the only one who can stop or push yourself.

There is something in your mind that is with you every
where you go and whatever you do: FEAR

Fear can ruin your whole life if you let it control you.

Unfortunately most people are controlled by their fear
the whole life. They suffer from a bad condition while
they know they are suffering but they are not brave
enough to take some steps and change the bad


Because they are afraid of making changes and prefer to
suffer than being faced with the unknown things that
they will be faced with, when they want to change their
lives. That is why most people live and die poor.

Are you one of those who is controlled by his/her fear?

Are you going to let your fear prevent you from having
a good life?

Fear doesn't exist. It is just an emotion. It is just an
illusion. You are the one who creates it and lets it control

The Best Work from Home Jobs That Work for Everybody

Given the challenges of our daily lives, the problems of balancing career with kids and trying to devote as much time as possible with kids make work from home a necessity at times. While there are many perks of working from home, it also requires tremendous self-discipline and drive. Of course, you get to enjoy the pleasure of sending emails from the comfort of your bedroom and do not have to face the traffic every morning. But the key question is what kind of job you should take up to balance the monetary requirement with the need to stay at home? Well… below is a handy list of some of the best work from home jobs you could choose from.
Keep in mind that these are the jobs that can be done from home. It doesn’t mean that you can make a fortune with them and they can make you rich. Indeed, many of them are not even suitable to make a living with because the money they make is not reasonable at all. However, there are some of the work from home jobs that can make you rich and you can make a fortune with. I will introduce all of them here and will tell you how to start working with them.

What Are the Best Work from Home Jobs?

What Are the Best Work from Home Jobs?

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Best Binary Robot that give you good return on investment

Binary Options Robot is a premium trading software that finds all the best opportunities from the market for you. Trade with the best brokers on the market, and benefit from this extraordinary trading experience.

  • safe & Secure - Automatic stop loss

    You do not have to worry about losing your funds. You set your own limits and decide how much you want to risk and trade per day. Other auto trading robots offer high rewards but empty the traders' accounts overnight and collaborate with the brokers by placing a series of losing trades.
  • No Downloads - No Charges

    You only have to set up your account once and increase your chances to make a profit. Don't waste time downloading and installing outdated software that needs regular updates. We handle everything on our revolutionary binary trading system.
  • Trusted Binary Robot

    Our system is exceptionally user-friendly and allows you to place trades with an advantage! When your account is set up, you are good to go. Most binary trading robots are not as accommodating as our Robot is. So, begin your journey with Binary Options Robot! click here to register

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Do you know that it is decision that determines destiny?
Those who make up their minds make progress in life faster than those who do not. I discovered long ago that life tends to give you what you place a demand on and not what you simply wish for.
That is where setting of goals and planning come in.

8 Free Resources For Learning Web Design and How to Code

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting to test the waters, it’s always helpful to review and practice your skills. Adding new expertise to your repertoire can also help you stand out from the crowd when trying to find new clients.
Whether it’s self-paced programming, in-person workshops, or via webinar adding new skills and brushing up on old ones is a healthy part of any developer’s workflow.
To help you along your road of lifelong learning, we’ve highlighted a few resources below to help you learn, enhance, and practice your web design and development skills. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Make online: moneyonlineinvestment-one of the place to invest.

Our website provides synthetic stock exchange market where you can purchase digital shares of Internet web sites.

Buying digital shares of a web site you are receiving rights to gain dividends from this web site and at any time you can sell your shares for the best price (you do not have any rights to the web site property).

Each digital share brings a dividend on your account on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The amount of dividend depends on share.

Your income includes dividends and growing price of shares.

Some stocks are rising in price by up to 80% per month that profit from their sale can be very high. to invest click here

Ponzi Scheme: A Get-Rich-Quick Scam Scheme Invented by Charles Ponzi

In the world of financial malpractices, a Ponzi scheme is undoubtedly one of the easiest and common known ‘Get-rich-quick’ scams. It makes earning a few extra bucks look so easy and within reach that it often entices individuals to fall for it without even considering the legitimacy of the scheme.
So the question then is, what is a Ponzi scheme? Well, a very simple definition for it would be a fake investment instrument that attracts many people on the promise of very high returns within a short period. What one completely misses out in this entire investment structure is that cash is not really generated in Ponzi scheme. Money from new investors is used to pay off the early investors, and the Ponzi scheme continues for as long as this monetary transaction is possible. The moment the cash outflow becomes more than the actual inflow into the scam, it collapses like a house of cards.
So in many ways, the Ponzi scheme is quite similar to the pyramid scheme. It keeps growing on the basis of new fund inflow, and this money starts to dwindle and exhaust itself when the funds dry up. Companies or individuals who float these Ponzi schemes direct their overall energy towards creating a larger client base and attracting more and more new customers (investors) who are ready to put their money into this scheme.
As the new income helps to pay off the earlier one, it is often marked as profit and seeks to be passed off as a legitimate transaction. The problem starts when the cash counter begins to dry out, and those at the bottom of the pyramid are left penniless. They fail to recover even the basic money that they might have put in the Ponzi scheme, let alone the promised returns.

How to Improve Self Esteem Every Day

If you improve self esteem, you will become a better person both for yourself and the others. Do you know what self esteem is? It is how much you love and respect yourself.
That was the simplest way of describing self esteem. You know me… I like to simplify everything…
Is it good to love yourself? Of course it is. You can’t love anybody if you don’t love yourself. You love the others exactly because you love yourself.
You can’t work toward having a better life and becoming a better person if you don’t love yourself, or if you don’t love yourself enough.
But why don’t some people love themselves, or why they don’t love themselves enough?
Everybody loves him/herself naturally. If someone doesn’t, it is because of the negative impacts of the people who have been around.
So the place you live in and the people who are around, are very important. Parents are the first who can improve or destroy your self esteem with their words and behavior. The most common mistake they make in this case is overloading you with lots of negative words when you make a mistake.
I was about to start this article with a negative phrase (Lack of self esteem…) but I removed the sentence before I complete it because talking and thinking negative hurts every body including yourself. There is no point to be negative while you can be positive and think and talk positively.
So let’s stop talking about the things that hurt our self esteem and start talking about the things that improve it.

20 Eye-Opening Trading Quotes from Trading Legends

We all need a little inspiration and guidance from time to time, and as traders, who better to get it from than some of the biggest trading legends of our time? After all, learning from those who have already achieved what you are trying to achieve is the best way to learn anything.
This article is a resource for all traders to refer to regularly on their trading journey when they need a ‘pep talk’ or to simply be reminded of the proper way to think about and trade the markets. You will notice that I have grouped together various quotes that relate to the same trading topic so that you can quickly reference inspiration and insight on the topics you are most in need of help with. The traders quoted in this article are seasoned professionals with the quotes first appearing in our article on How to Trade Like the Market Wizards, based on the Market Wizards books by Jack D. Schwager. I truly hope you utilize this lesson as an on-going learning and inspiration resource….

Why Professional forex Traders Make Money & You Don’t

I’m sure you’ve wondered what professional traders do to succeed over the long-run. It’s easy to hit a few winners, but how do you parlay that into more consistent, longer-term trading success that you can turn into a full-time income? What are professional traders doing differently from you?
The typical day in the life of a pro trader is probably very different from yours. From what they think about to what they do, there’s a lot you can learn from the daily habits of a professional. The novice trader is racing to look at the charts, desperate to find a trade, whereas the professional is calmly going about his or her routine because he knows there’s no rush. The novice trader is constantly thinking about the live trades they have on, whereas the professional trusts the process and the trading plan so there is no need for them to worry.

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